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My Mom raised Poodles and Bedlington Terriers and showed them. This s a picture of her with her first Poodle in 1963. This Poodle Silver Tiara Of Sassafras was from Pamela AP Ingram Sassafras Kennels Topanga California. Daughter of Champion Sassafras Silver Sparkle and Grand Daughter of International Champion Silver Fleece Of Sassafras. Mom taught me grooming at age 12 and I have been grooming over 45 years. I worked in Beverly Hills 25 years for clients like Bob Hope-Henry & Stacey Winkler & Rod Stewart -Ann Margaret- Brenda Vaccaro -Pamela Mason-Belinda Carlise & Paula Abdul -as well as Guy McElwaine head of Columbia pictures and Sandford Brokaw CEO of the Brokaw Company-. Below is my Mom also a groomer and handler showing our Champion Bedlington Terrier I helped groom these winning dogs at a young age.

Bob & Delores Hope clients in the San Fernando Valley. Three Poodles!

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